Impossible Quiz four quick review

Impossible Quiz four is the newest brain game taking the hungry world by storm. Everyone is trying to get smarter in the most innovative way, and this quiz is a good example. But what’s so great about it?

impossible quiz 4

Well—maybe you should take the Impossible quiz Four before you try to answer. If you’ve ever taken a class in religion or philosophy, especially Eastern philosophy you have probably heard of that famous question asked by the Buddha or the Krishna or the Dalai Lama, I’m not sure which:

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

And while you stood there trying to whiz your hand at the air and make a sound (and you can actually hear it, it sounds like mosquito wings if you do it really really fast) the teacher probably asked you another question:

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it make any noise

Well, now while you stand there scratching your head, you have just been introduced to the trick of why Impossible Quiz Four is so entertaining. It’s a quiz that teases your mind, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or walk away. What it’s really trying to do is free your thought process from the ruts it gets into.

Game Book

I’ll just give you an example, because how can I review the test if I haven’t taken it? So I took a little bit of it. And let me just ask you Einsteins out there, Can a Match box? Well? Can it?

If you start thinking about the way you think about matches (the ones you use for fires, and the ones you put together like socks) and then you start thinking about boxing (the ones that you watch in the ring and the ones you put presents in) then you realize, there is more than one way to skin a cat—and life is full of possibilities. And that’s why the Quiz is so much fun.

Why shooting zombies in ZTP will blow away your mind

Zombie trailer park is a flash game with many interesting features whereby zombies take over and begin destroying the metropolis until they reach your trailer. The aim of the game is to kill the zombies in order to manage your economy and defend your trailer park. The game has a setup of castle defense which earns money while playing to enable the player purchase a variety of weapons and hire manpower to deal with the zombies. Killing zombies will earn you “Yeehaw “points that will help in the activation of super weapons to help you win the game.

logoInstructions of the game

The player of the game has to build more salvage yards to increase their income. Building more trailers will lead to an increase of the population cap. The player wins when the zombie base has been destroyed. There are a variety of options available to a player such as salvage yards, trailers and others when it comes to constructing their base. An army can be made by creating shovel men, drunkards, machine guns, angry farmers and pickup trucks. The salvage yards help in earning extra money. With the help of summoning which contains angry farmers, chainsaws and bombs, tractors and shovel men, the player can earn more “Yeehaw” points by shooting zombies and killing them.

Controls of the game

The game is easily controllable with the help of the mouse pointer which controls the angry army and the weapons that they use in shooting zombies. It is essential that the player of the game manages the money accrued well in order to be able to buy weapons for shooting zombies and kill them at a faster rate before they finish off the army instead.

Stages of the game

The game has four stages whereby at every stage, the player has to manage fighting the zombies and the city’s economy. The first stage is quite easy but as the game continues, more challenges that are harder open up. The zombies also have an army which contains zombies such as the brain munchers, hooker zombies; giant zombie catapult that throws zombies into the battle field from afar and many others which makes shooting zombies in ZTP to be quite a challenge.


Who can play this game?

Zombie trailer park can be played anyone who has an interest for flash games. Its intricate design and variety of characters will keep the player busy, entertained and amused.

Super Smash flash 2 characters small review

super smash flash 2 game abbreviated as SSF2 was developed by a developer group les by Cleod9 of Cleod Productions and published by McleodGaming.The Super Smash flash 2 characters in the game are Mario,Link and Kirby and also has 3rd and 4th characters called Llyoid,Megaman,Ichigo and Goku.

The Game is similar to the official Super Smash Bros. games,the characters health is measured by a damaged percentage counter.when attacked the damage accumulates and the value percentage increases,the higher the damaged percentage the easier the character is kicked off the stage.

The controlls are different A,S,D and W are keys for player 1 movement.Arrow keys move second player,O and P keys are still keys for player 1.O key is for spécial moves and P key is for standard attacks 3 key Is forshield and 4 for tauting.

player two uses 1 key for spécial moves and numpad 2 for standard attacks,numpad 2 for shield and numpad 4 for taunt.Matches are played in two modes.Time mode and Stock mode or one can play the two modes combined.every player receives a point when they beat an opponent and loses one point if they are beaten by their opponent or if they self destruct.

when the Game time is up,the player with the most points wins but if the Game ends on a tie-meaning both players have the same points There is another Game called a sudden death match to acquire the winner,That’s the person who will have the highest number of points in this sudden death match becomes the winner of the game.

ssf 2 charactersIn Stock mode game every player is given a chosen and specific amount of life by which they use to play in the game so that during the game,every time their opponent beats them they lose one life or every time they self destruct they still lose one life. When one loses all the lives they were given at the begining of the game then they are defeated and the game is over but if you are the opponent who is winning then you have to beat the other opponent and every time you beat them ,you gain one point and when the game time reaches and you are still standing with the highest polnts then you are the winner.

The game concludes with one player still standing who is now the winner.Then one can replay the game.

Top RPG online games

Researching Playable Games? – Top RPG Games of Today written by: Cacherie The gaming industry has taken off. Over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in gaming technology. Games are getting better. There’s a ton of them though. How do you know what to play? You could spend hours googling for the top RPG games online. Don’t worry, we’ve taken the guess work out for you.
Here are our top RPG games online:

1. The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA)
If you haven’t heard of TERA, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Our apologies. We’re here to enlighten you. TERA makes the list for its fantastic dungeons and free-to-play model. That’s right. This mother-load of a game is free to play. It wasn’t always. When TERA first launched in 2011, the game revolved around a pay to play model. It was worth it, honestly, but aren’t we all glad you don’t have to continue paying a monthly subscription? When you roll a character in TERA, you’re given the option to choose between 7 playable races and 10 classes. That’s a lot of versatility. Whatever class you choose, when you enter the game, you’ll be greeted with a refreshingly true-action combat experience. This game combines the fluidity of first-person shooter games with traditional RPG elements. No, you can not tab-target your monster and spam 1-2-3. Yes, you have to aim to heal your tank. The game brings back what a lot of RPGs today leave out: player skill. Use that skill in any of TERA’s well-designed dungeons, and you’re in for the gaming experience of a life time. The downside? You better not play on an old machine. TERA’s graphics can significantly limit its player base. So, if you have a fantastic machine, this game is for you.


2. World of Warcraft (WoW)
Another popular title, World of Warcraft was launched by Blizzard in 2004. While an older title, WoW still offers new content. “Legion” is World of Warcraft’s new expansion (featuring the oh-so-nifty evolving weapon system) and is set to launch relatively soon. WoW has a great dungeon system, pet-battle system, large-scale raids, and a little bit more. The game is subscription based, and you must pay a stand-alone price for each expansion, which is what drops this game down to number two on our list.


Aion sets the stage for any game boasting a PvPvE environment. With a lush landscape and detailed story, Aion truly has the ability to captivate audiences. Choose a faction and battle to defend it. Aion has very traditional mechanics and killer character customization. While the game used to be considered a “grind-fest”, updates and expansions have brought about a tide of change. You can now easily quest your way to a very reasonable cap level of 65. Once you get there, you’re free to run all the sieges you want. If you’re not into a good story though, this may not be the game for you.

There’s more out there, but these are the glittering gold at the top. Be sure to check out a few close ties like: Rift, Skyrim, and Fiesta. Black Desert is also on the horizon. In the mean time, grab an ice-cold bottle of coca-cola, download one of these fantastic top RPG games, and roll up a new hero.

Play Return Man 6 – WideOut for Free

Return Man 6 (Return Man Wideout) is a flash based game version of the famous Return Man game collection created by ESPN. The game brings much excitement and amusement of an NFL receiver to your screen. Your sole game objective is to avoid getting caught by the defenders of the opposing team as you traverse across the field until you reach the end line.

Game Instructions

Return Man 6’s game instructions are easy to understand and follow, thus, making the game more enjoyable to play. Start off the game by clicking Play, then read through the instructions and controls provided and eventually hit Play.

Play Return Man 6-WideOut for FreeOnce the game starts off, you will be provided with a route to run through which involves hitches, drags, fades or posts. The main goal for this to ensure you follow through the route and get to the yellow circle where you’ll wait for the ball. Before you even get to the circle, you’ll be faced by enemy defenders whom you have to avoid as much as possible and get to your designated target. The only successful way to safely navigate through them, is by following the route that is laid out with green dots. Carefully follow the placed green dots (they represent best path to reach the yellow circle). Ensure that you catch the ball once you’re there.

If you fail to catch the ball, there are still 4 more chances left. Note that for each session, a player is only given 5 attempts to catch the ball. Remember that you can also store your game scores locally or online.

Game controls

Return Man 6 uses keyboard keys to control the player’s actions on the field. These include:
For Alphabetic key users:
• To run forwards use I key.
• To run towards the left use J key.
• Run down (back) the field using K key.
• Run right using L key.
• Catch a ball pass using Spacebar. 

For Numeric key users:

  • Run forward using Number 8.
  • Run to the right using Number 6.
  • Run down the field using Number 2.
  • Run towards the left using Number 4.

For special player moves:
• Use A key to jump catch.
• Use S key for after burner.
• Use D key to dive a catch.

Alternatively, you can use arrow keys to move up or down and left or right.


Game Success Strategies

As mentioned earlier, following the route’s hints to get to the throw location in time earns you a bonus score. Don’t be quick to catch the ball, time it well and press on the catch key. This guarantees a perfect catch.

Happy Wheels Demo @ ThePinkFlyer – Things that you should know

Happy Wheels demo is the demo or trial of the graphics-based flash game ‘Happy Wheels’ created by Jim Bonacci. This game is fun to play. It contains different levels and characters that you can choose from. But it tends to get a bit gory. The character of the game gets torn into bits and pieces as the game continues. All you people out there who enjoy violence and bloodshed, this is the game for you! Additionally, this game is very basic and easy to play. It has very little controls and minimum instructions. Therefore it can be played by anyone. Although it is rated M, that is, mature since it is inclined to get a bit graphic. This game is viewed as comical and exciting by most of the reviewers. It has been positively reviewed by and is considered to be one of the “Best Free Games” by IGN.

Happy Wheels DemoInstructions:
Before starting the game you have to pick a level. You can either choose to create your own level by clicking the ‘level editor’ option or just go ahead and pick one of the featured levels given. After picking a level you have to select a character which you think is most suitable for that particular level. Each of the characters vary in terms of looks and age and have their own vehicles. You can then proceed to play the game. The goal is to complete the level by reaching the end of the level which is marked by a flag hoisted on a pole. You have the option of restarting the level or changing your character. It also has a unique option in which you can view replay’, that is, look back at the replay of how you played the game. You also have an alternative of saving this replay.

The controls of the game are pretty simple. The front, back, left and right arrows can be used to accelerate, decelerate and lean backwards and forwards respectively. You can use the Z key to eject out of the vehicle which the character is using currently. The space bar prompts different actions in different vehicles. For instance, super speed in the wheelchair, hopping in the scooter etc. Other controls of the game include shift + ctrl.

Hopefully this article served its purpose and was able to provide some useful information on the game ‘Happy Wheels’. You are now ready to play the demo of the game. Happy gaming!